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Understanding Ritual Abuse as a component of Mind Control

    Satanic Ritual Abuse is not a random event among the 1-2% of the Global Elite that have taken over our world. It has a purpose and method that are both insidious and scientific. The Germans perfected the methodology in their concentration camps, and were then secretly imported into the United States via "Operation Paperclip". Josef Mengele, the "Angel of Death" has been sighted by many of those that broke free from the Cult. Some claim he actually did their "programming" under the alias of "Dr. Green."

    "..I encountered the Group as a result of a personal investigation into a very strange series of deaths and bizarre behavior changes I observed among my acquaintances in a chemical factory that produced raw materials for plastics manufacture. All I knew at the start was that about 50 [now 100] employees had died of leukemia, aplastic anemia, various forms of cancer, and other illnesses that fit with only two possible causes: long-term exposure to benzene or to low-level radiation. The pattern included a series of sudden, unexpected heart attacks among spouses of dead or dying workers who asked questions about the cause of their husbands' deaths. Since the plant supposedly had no radioactive materials, I litigated a large-scale case on the assumption that the only possible cause was benzene. About 3 years after the case was over [I won it.], a series of employees there began exhibiting bizarre behavior changes. One of them privately confided in me, and her confidences caused me to open a very private, personal investigation. I determined that this woman and a second female employee had been subjected to some form of trauma under hypnosis by several men connected with the plant's MEDICAL staff. Both men had participated in what seemed a NAZI group called [the] ORDER OF THE FOURTH REICH. Both of the women were interrogated under hypnosis by the experts referred to earlier, under my direction. During the first 18 months of interrogations we learned that a form of "mind control" was used on the women and MANY other plant employees, as well as on my main [male] informant to conceal the covert manufacture of an illicit product at that factory. The Group's agents used a "mind control" method that concealed their observations and memories of its production from THEMSELVES. Here is how it worked: Employees' trust was gained by the Group's agents in the plant medical department. When the employees were called in for medical exams or given 'medication' by the plant physician and some of his staff, the employees were instructed in methods they were to use to forget events they had observed at the plant. The employees were taught to "remember to forget" incidents that the Group's agents did not want them to recall. In some cases these instructions were accompanied by physical torture under drugged hypnosis until the employee complied with the instructions. The subject is highly technical, but the end result was the concealment of a witness's memory from the witness's own consciousness, except in a hypnotic state." (anon)

    "TRAINING OF UNCONSCIOUS ASSASSINS ALSO KNOWN AS 'U-BOATS,' INCLUDING OSWALD, SIRHAN, possibly RAY, & MANY OTHERS LIKE THEM: The subject cannot possibly [be] treated in the short space I have left. Bare bones: Victims are drugged into regression to early childhood. They are subjected to incredible pain, many expiring in the process. The natural response to the levels of pain DR. MENGELE had perfected was dissociation of the conscious mind. In that state they were given new, GERMAN names and trained as one would train a killer guard dog. They kill on command. THEY ARE ARTIFICIALLY-PRODUCED 'MULTIPLE' PERSONALITIES. One of the top people in their development appears to have been Sirhan Sirhan's psychiatrist, DR. DIAMOND. There were other prominent psyche folks in on it. They have no memory of the kill, except when prompted by the proper stimuli. MENGELE told my informant THAT HE personally did the training on Oswald. Location unknown, but we suspect Mexico City in Summer, 1963. [The] CIA gave John Marks [Search for Manchurian Candidate] what appears to be a real hokey, perhaps forged or fabricated, "field report" for the initial field test of an unconscious assassin in Mexico City in July, 1963 [see Marks' book, p. 190]. I suspect that if someone can get that file and bust a few balls, they'll find the memo given to Marks in his FOIA litigation was a substitute for one that named Oswald and depicted a successful 'experiment.' The likely control of the project we suspect to have been GEHLEN, but the CIA Director mentioned above may have also played a major role. Oswald was trained as a 'patsy' only. He fired no shots. Sirhan was given the full course. His back-up was a man posing as a guard. Ray [who killed Martin Luther King] had the Oswald-type training..." (anon)

    Svali Explains: "Intentional programming of an infant in the Illuminati often begins before birth. Prenatal splitting is well known in the cult, as the fetus is very capable of fragmenting in the womb due to trauma. This is usually done between the seventh and ninth month of pregnancy. Techniques used include: placing headphones on the mother's abdomen, and playing loud, discordant music (such as some modern classical pieces, or even Wagner's operas). Loud, heavy rock has also been used. Other methods include having the mother ingest quantities of bitter substances, to make the amniotic fluid bitter, or yelling at the fetus inside the womb. The mother's abdomen may be hit as well. Mild shock to the abdomen may be applied, especially when term is near, and may be used to cause premature labor, or ensure that the infant is born on a ceremonial holiday. Certain labor inducing drugs may be also given if a certain birth date is desired. (Svali)

    Once the infant is born, testing is begun at a very early age, usually during the first few weeks of life. The trainers, who are taught to look for certain qualities in the infant, will place it on a velvet cloth on a table, and check its reflexes to different stimuli. The infant's strength, how it reacts to heat, cold, and pain are all tested. Different infants react differently, and the trainers are looking for dissociative ability, quick reflexes, and reaction times. They are also encouraging early dissociation in the infant with these tests.

    The infant will also be abused, to create fragments. Methods of abuse can include: rectal probes; digital anal rape; electric shocks at low levels to the fingers, toes, and genitalia; cutting the genitalia in ritual circumstances (in older infants). The intent is to begin fragmentation before a true ego state develops, and customize the infant to pain and reflexive dissociation from pain (yes, even tiny infants dissociate; I have seen it time and time again; they will glow blank and limp, or glassy, in the face of continued trauma.)

    Isolation and abandonment programming will sometimes be begun as well, in a rudimentary sense. The infant is abandoned, or uncared for by adults, intentionally during the daytime, then picked up, soothed, cleaned up and paid attention to in the context of preparing for a ritual or group gathering. This is done in order to help the infant associate night gatherings with "love" and attention, and to help the bonding process to the cult, or "family". The infant will be taught to associate maternal attention with going to rituals, and eventually will associate cult gatherings with feelings of security.

    As the infant grows older, i.e. at 15 to 18 months, more fragmenting is intentionally done by having the parents as well as cult members abuse the infant more methodically. This is done by intermittently soothing, bonding with the infant, then shocking it on its digits; the infant may be dropped from heights to a mat or mattress and laughed at as it lays there startled and terrified, crying. It may be placed in cages for periods of time, or exposed to short periods of isolation. Deprivation of food, water, and basic needs may begin later in this stage. All of these methods are done in order to create intentional dissociation in the infant. The infant of this age may be taken to group meetings, but outside of special occasions, or dedications, will have no active role yet in the cult setting. The small infants are usually left with a cult member, or caretaker, who watches them during the group's activities; this caretaker role is usually rotated among lower level or teenage members.

    Between the ages of 20 and 24 months, the toddler may begin the "steps of discipline" which the Illuminati use to teach their children. The age the child begins them will vary, depending upon the group, the parent, the trainer, and the child. These "steps of discipline" would be better called "steps of torment and abuse" as their purpose is to create a highly dissociative child, out of touch with their feelings, who is completely and unthinkingly loyal to the cult. The order of the steps may also be varied a little, depending on the whims of the trainer or parents.

    I will first discuss the first five steps of discipline: (note: these steps may vary somewhat from region to region, but most follow this outline at least roughly, even if not in the same order)

    First step: to not need

    The small toddler/child is placed in a room without any sensory stimulus, usually a training room with gray, white, or beige walls. The adult leaves and the child is left alone, for periods of time: these may vary from hours, to an entire day as the child grows older. If the child begs the adult to stay, and not leave, or screams, the child is beaten, and told that the periods of isolation will increase until they learn to stop being weak. The ostensible purpose of this discipline is to teach the child to rely on its own internal resources, and not on outside people ("strengthen it"). What it actually does is create a huge terror of abandonment within the child. When the adult, or trainer, returns to the room, the child is often found rocking itself, or hugging itself in a corner, occasionally almost catatonic from fear. The trainer will then "rescue" the child, feed and give it something to drink and bond with the child as their "savior". The trainer will tell them the "family" told the trainer to rescue the child, because its family "loves" it. The trainer will instill cult teachings, at this point, into the helpless, fearful, and almost insanely grateful child who has just been "rescued" from isolation. The trainer will reinforce in the child over and over how much it "needs " its family, who just rescued it from death by starvation or abandonment. This will teach the very young toddler to associate comfort and security with bonding with its trainer, who may be one of its parents, and being with "family" members. The cult is very aware of child developmental principles, and has developed exercises like the above after hundreds of years of teaching very young children.

    Second step: to not want

    This step is very similar to the first step, and actually reinforces it. It will be done intermittently with the first step over the next few years of the child's life. Again, the child is left alone in a training room, or isolated room, without food or water for a long period of time. An adult will enter the room, with a large pitcher of ice water, or food. If the child asks for either, as the adult is eating or drinking in front of the child, he/she is severely punished for being weak and needy. This step is reinforced, until the child learns not to ask for food or water unless it is offered first. The ostensible reason the cult gives for this step is that it creates a child who is strong, and can go without food and water for longer and longer periods of time. The real reason this is done is that it creates a child who is completely dissociated from its own needs for food, water, or other comforts, who becomes afraid to ask outside adults for help. This creates in the child a hyper-vigilance as she/he learns to look for outside adults for cues on when it is okay to fulfill needs, and not to trust her/his own body signals. The child is already learning to look outside itself to others to learn how it should think or feel, instead of trusting its own feelings. The cult now becomes the locus of control for the child.

    Third step: to not wish

    The child is placed in a room with favorite toys, or objects. A kind adult comes into the room and engages the child in play. This adult my be a friend, aunt, parent, or trainer. The child and adult may engage in fantasy play about the child's secret wishes, dreams, or wants. This will occur on several occasions, and the child's trust is slowly gained. At some later point, the child is severely punished for any aspect of wishing or fantasy shared with the adult, including the destruction of favorite toys, going in and undoing or destroying secret safe places the child may have created, or even destroying non cult protectors. This step is repeated, with variations, many times over the ensuing years. Occasionally, the child's siblings, parents, or friends will be used to reveal inside fantasies the child has revealed to them during the daytime, or in unguarded moments. The ostensible reason the cult gives for this step is to create a child who doesn't fantasize, who is more outwardly directed, less inwardly directed. In other words, the child is to look to adults for permission in all aspects of its life, including internal. The reality is that this step destroys all safe places the child has created internally, to retreat from the horrors it is experiencing. This step creates in the child the feeling that there is no true safety, that the cult will find out everything it thinks. Exercises like this are also used to create young alters in the child who will self report to the cult trainers any secret safe places, or covert wishes against the cult, that other alters have. This will then begin to set up intersystem hostility and divisiveness, which the cult will manipulate throughout the
    person's life span in order to control them.

    Fourth step: the survival of the fittest

    This step is used in order to begin creating perpetrator alters in the young child. ALL CULT MEMBERS WILL BE EXPECTED TO BECOME PERPETRATORS; THIS BEGINS IN EARLY CHILDHOOD. The child is brought into a room where there is a trainer and another child of approximately the same age, or slightly younger, that the child being taught. The child is severely beaten, for a long period of time, by the trainer, then told to hit the other child in the room, or they will be beaten further. If the child refuses, it is punished severely, the other child is punished as well, then the child is told to punish the other child. If the child continues to refuse, or cries, or tries to hit the trainer instead, they will continue to be beaten severely, and told to hit the other child, to direct its anger at the other child. This step is repeated until the child finally complies. This step is begun around age 2 to 2 1/2, and is used to create aggressive perpetrator alters in the young child. As the child becomes older, the punishing tasks become more and more brutal. Children are expected to become perpetrators of others at very young ages, and will "practice" on children younger than themselves, with the encouragement and rewarding by the adults around them. They will also be mimicking these adults, who role model perpetration constantly as normal. The child will be taught that this is the acceptable outlet for the aggressive impulses and rage that are created by the brutality the child is constantly being exposed to.

    Fifth step: the code of silence

    Many, many different stratagems are used to put this in, starting at around the age of two years old, when a child starts becoming more verbal. Usually, after a ritual or group gathering, the child is asked about what they saw, or heard, during the meeting. Like most obedient young children, they will comply. They are immediately severely beaten, or tortured, and a new alter is created, who is told to keep or guard the memories of what was seen, on pain of their life. The new part always agrees. The child and this new part are put through a ceremony of swearing to never ever tell; and alters are created whose job it is to kill the body, if the other parts ever remember.

    The child is also put through severe psychological torture to ensure that it will never be tempted to tell, including: being buried alive; near drowning; watching "traitor's deaths" involving slow painful torture, such as being burned, or skinned alive; being buried with a partially rotted corpse and being told that they will become a corpse like it if they ever tell, etc. The scenarios go on and on, invented by people with endlessly cruel imaginations, in order to ensure the secrecy of the young child. These methods have been perfected over hundreds of years of practice by the cult with its children. The reason these things are done is self evident: the cult is involved in criminal activities, as explained in the first few chapters of this book, and they want to ensure the continued silence of its children. This is one reason why the cult has survived so long, and with its continued shroud of secrecy; why more survivors are afraid/unwilling to disclose their abuse. In order to reveal cult secrets, a child must go against some of the most tremendously horrendous psychological trauma and abuse imaginable; even as an adult, the survivor has difficulty putting these things aside, when discussing their abuse. Children and adults alike are told that if they ever tell, they will be hunted down and shot (the assassin training lets the child know that this is no idle threat); that they will be tortured slowly. The child will be exposed to setups and role plays throughout their growing up that reinforces this step. (Svali)........

    In Christian cultures, abusive groups pervert the major Christian holidays: Christmas, Lent, Easter, etc. The Jewish holidays may also be observed in an abusive manner. IE: Santa Claus costumes will be worn on Christmas by ritual abusers. If a child gets extremely upset in the presence of a public "Santa", this may be the cause.

    Similarly, the pre-Christian pagan holidays have been stolen and perverted. Abusive groups originating in Northern and Western Europe observe the winter and summer solstice (12/21 and 6/21) and thespring and fall equinox (3/21 and 9/21). Four holidays fall between the solstices and equinoxes. They are: Candlemas (2/2), Beltane (5/1), Lammas (8/2) and Samhain, or Halloween (10/31).

      Symptoms that are suggestive of ritual abuse are either a fascination with or a phobia of objects, events, or symbols specific to ritual abuse and not generally encountered in other types of physical and sexual abuse. Example of symbols includes crosses, crucifixes, pentagrams (stars), eyes, “magick” and “occult” symbols, certain numbers, and certain colors. Objects provoking fascination or phobia can include blood, knives, electricity, coffins, dolls, babies, and certain animals.

      Events similar to abusive events may also provoke extreme reactions. These include the holidays observed by the cult, medical and dental procedures, and childbirth or abortion.



      Dissociation means the separation of things that were, or usually are, together (e.g., associated.) In their minds, people usually remember a whole event, including sights, sounds, feelings, and meaning. When dissociation occurs, the remembered event may be devoid of meaning or feelings, which are separated and stored in another part of the mind. In other words, the different parts of the memory are stored and recalled separately, not as a congruent whole.

      Strictly speaking, dissociation is a mental process, a way of recording and storing information. It is one of the mind’s ways of operating. Some information may be dissociated, while other information is stored as a whole.

      Sometimes you hear “So-and-so is dissociated.” This is shorthand for saying that their mind uses dissociation. A person is always a whole person, regardless of how their mind works. Nobody stores their feet in one place, their nose in another, and their mind someplace else, even though some days it may feel that way.


      Dissociation occurs when a person experiences extreme stress or stimulation. Under these conditions, life is experienced differently and the memory of an event is stored differently in the mind. Research suggests that the brain operates differently when experiencing or recalling stressful and non-stressful events.

      Here is a personal example that many people may be able to relate to. I remember skidding badly on an icy street. As the car skidded, colors seemed brighter and time passed very slowly, I was enveloped in total silence even though the radio was on and I experienced no thoughts or feelings whatsoever. I was aware of only the visual part of this experience as it happened. Later, the emotions hit. I was so frightened that my heart pounded and my legs shook, but I could no longer clearly remember the visual memory.

      When a child is severely abused, extreme stress occurs repeatedly. Many events are experienced in a state of shock, stored in a dissociative state, and recalled in fragments.

      If a child dissociates extensively, even memories of less stressful events can be dissociated. Perhaps the child is still in shock, perhaps the child’s sensitivity to stress is raised, perhaps the mind comes to store all material in a familiar way.

      There are innate temperamental differences between people. Some people probably dissociate more easily than others or require less stress to change over into dissociative mode.


      A flashback is a dissociated memory that returns to consciousness. It can be a smell, a taste, a sound, an image, an emotion, or all these things together. It can last a moment or linger on for weeks.

      People describe smelling alcohol or perfume when none is present, hearing a phrase over and over again in their heads, feeling panic or dread for no logical reason, or seeing images, like snapshots or movies behind their eyes. All these are fragmented memories rising up into consciousness. They can be extremely vivid and can appear to be happening in the present. The more fragments come together at the same time, the more intense the flashback.

      Flashbacks are terrifying if you don’t know what they are and if you don’t realize they will eventually stop. Experiencing flashbacks doesn’t mean you are going crazy - it means that you are at a point in your life when you are able to deal with things that you couldn’t cope with earlier. They tend to lose their intensity when you have assembled the fragments into a coherent memory, talked about it, cried about it, and absorbed the memory into your life.


      In some children, the mental fragments are organized or arranged into “personalities” which seem to have a history and a life of their own. Often the personalities are so separated that they are not aware of each other’s existence. This is called an amnesic barrier.

      Imagine a child with a mother who is loving one moment and cruel and sadistic the next. The child will obviously react differently, depending on the mother’s mood. The child will learn different ways of responding to the “good” mother and the “bad” mother. All children do this to some extent because no adult is perfectly consistent.

      Now imagine that the child is so stressed out that memories of interactions with the “bad” mother are dissociated. When the “good” mother is around, the child has no knowledge of the “bad” mother, or of the “bad” child. But as soon as the mother turns nasty, the child switches, and knows exactly how to react. That’s multiplicity.


      An alter is one personality of a person with multiplicity. The personality who is “out” most of the time is often called the host personality, and personalities seen less frequently are called alternative personalities, or alters. Some people have only one or two alters, others have hundreds or even thousands.

      Some people with multiplicity experience each alter as a separate person. Others experience them as different from their usual self, but not as different people. Multiplicity is not exactly the same from person to person and each person’s experience of their inner reality is unique.

      Often alters have names, have a distinct age, and have specific jobs to do. One may be in charge of feeling anger, another of going to school or work, another may be the one who decides which alter gets to be in control of the body at any given time. Alters may have a different gender from the body or a different sexual orientation from the host. There may even be alters who are animals, objects, or abstract ideas. Sometimes people have alters who are experienced as being dead or immortal.

      The formation of alters is a natural psychological process, given extreme early childhood stress. Abusive adults who are aware of the process can manipulate and train the emerging personalities to their own ends. Some survivors of ritual abuse have alters trained by their abusers to do certain tasks and to behave in ways desired by the abusers. And some survivors have alters organized in elaborate patterns designed by the perpetrators, with strict rules about how the alters communicate with each other.


      When two or more alters are aware of what is happening in the present, they are said to be co-conscious. When two or more alters share control over the body’s actions, they are said to be co-present.

      A person may have alters who are unaware of each other, alters who are always mutually aware of each other, and alters who are aware at some times but not others. Alters who are aware of the presence of other personalities know they are multiple, while alters who aren’t in contact with other personalities firmly believe they are “the only one there.” An alter may even be multiple.


      Integration is used to describe two different processes. One is the process of alters learning to communicate and cooperate and sharing their memories with each other. The other sense of the word is the actual merging (or fusion) of two or more alters to become one. Nothing is lost: all memories, talents, and personality traits are preserved, but organized in a different way. One survivor described integration as “falling in love with myself” rather than as the death of part of herself, as she had feared.

      Some people do not fuse and find that their lives are perfectly satisfactory as long as their alters are communicating well. Others fuse partially, reducing the number of alters. Most people with many alters do this in stages, allowing for time for the system to stabilize and get used to the new internal organization. Some people “become one” for a period of time and then either new alters are formed to deal with new life circumstances or the former alters split off and become themselves again.

      Living with being multiple is an on-going process, just like living with not being multiple is. There are choices to be made, decisions that make life easier or harder. There is no hard and fast rule about what the “best” way is - each person’s path in life is unique.


Signs of Sexual Abuse:

Possible Physical or Visible Signs of Sexual Abuse

Social or geographic isolation of family (incest)
Daughter/mother role-reversal (incest)
Father doting/lavishing gifts on select child (incest)
Children forced into parental roles (incest)
Sexually-transmitted disease
Unexplained pregnancies
Bruising/bleeding in rectal, thigh, and/or genital areas
Complaints of stomach and abdominal pain
Evidence of regressive bedwetting, incontinence, etc
Recurrent urinary tract infections
Yeast infections
Drastic weight loss/gain
Evidence of purging food
Foul oders emanating from genitalia
Vaginal or penile discharge
Lubricant residue
Persistent sore throat
Radical change of appearance
Signs of exhaustion/lack of sleep
Possession of unexplained gifts or money
Signs of intoxication after spending time w/adult or older adolescent

Possible Behaviorial Signs of Sexual Abuse

Sexually-precocious or attempts to mask seductive behavior
Hides secondary sexual characteristics
Attempts to be unattractive
Abnormal sexual knowledge
Radical mood swings
Sense of danger where he/she lives
Change in eating habits (bulimia, anorexia, or compulsive eating)
Inappropriately seductive
Apparent boredom w/age peers and age appropriate activities
Nightmares, insomnia, sleepwalking and other sleep disturbances
Radical change in school performance for better or worse
Fearful about certain people
Over achievement
Depression, crying episodes, etc.
Substance abuse/addiction
Expression of "damaged goods" syndrome
Angry, hostile or aggressive behavior
Fear of adult or adolescent
Fear of being photographed
Anxiety reaction to authority figures
Fear of undressing or refusal to undress in gym class
Pseudo-mature/overly-compliant or accommodating
Regressive, babyish behavior
Intense efforts to gain attention/affection from adults
Spending inordinate amounts of time in game rooms, arcades. etc
Recruiting other children to become involved with an adult
Suicidal thinking, gestures, and attempts
Hints regarding sexual behavior
Fear of nurturing/withdrawal/impaired ability to trust
Self-mutalative behavior
Find reasons to not go home (helping teachers, etc.)
Neurological and verbal expressive delays
Killing/torturing domestic animals
Memory loss
Fear of the dark
Find reasons to not be with someone they used to spend time with (or any change of behavior toward a friend or family member)
Unable to concentrate, daydreaming, 'spacing out', 'in a world of their own'
Withdrawn, isolated, or excessively worried
Excessive or early masterbation
Starts sucking thumb or fingers (toddlers and young children) I know this one, because that's what I started doing when my father started abusing me. My mom couldn't figure out why I suddenly started sucking my thumb as a toddler. I still haven't stopped. It's my security blanket, it relaxes me. - D
Becomes a perpetrator, targeting a child, sibling, or friend
Fear of parent leaving her. (My daughter begged me not to go, even when her dad was here at home.) -D
Inappropriate kissing in young children. (When kissing my children goodnight, the kiss from them was prolonged and seemed passionate.) -D
Nervous or fearful around adults, in particular, men. -D
Not wanting someone, including a parent, to change his/her diaper or give him/her a bath. -D
Imaginary friend(s) -D
The one major sign of sexual abuse we've encountered is bowel movement accidents in older toilet trained children.

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Ritual Sexual Abuse

This information is from Satanic Ritual Abuse

"Sexual perversion is a part of every ritual, according to our survivor. This unbridled sex, including the abuse of children which many times is filmed to be sold for profit in the child pornography market, is also part of the lure to attract those people who are prone to participate in acts of deviate sexual conduct. This aspect is interesting because child molestation is a crime and, many times, blackmailing the victims and parents can be profitable. The children who have been victimized all tell of being placed nude on tables, eaten, insulted, mocked, tortured sexually, and forced to have sex with siblings, animals, and adults, including same-sex partners. Satanism's doctrine proclaims no restraints in all areas of morality including sex....

Other children who have been ritualisticallly abused will sometimes try to aggressively sexually assault other children, repeating and acting out the perversion of the adult cult members....

we have worked with many ritual abuse victims and it seems as though even the youngest of the children display tendencies toward self-injury. We have known of instances where children as young as age four have cut and scratched themselves severely as a result of the trauma and pain suffered during ritualistic abuse. As the victims spend more time in the abusive situation, they will eventually be programmed to keep the abuse a secret. One victim that we have worked with extensively would hurt herself impulsively. She told us that she was taught to do something to herself if she began considering disclosure of the dark secrets to someone who might threaten the cult's operations. Even years after leaving the abusive group the urge to hurt herself was sometimes overwhelming, resulting in self-inflicted scratches, burns, or razor blade cuts. Suicidal tendencies are common among ritual abuse victims. One survivor said she would rather die than feel the pain caused by guilt over the things she was forced to participate in. She saw, over and over, the pain felt by the cult's sacrificial offerings; sometimes adult, and sometimes child, victims. During these times, she would usually feel like hurting herself, saying, "I deserve it." This false feeling of being responsible for those victims who died upon the Satanists' altars many times would send the survivor into a frenzy of self-mutilation....

"the child illustrates how a sacrificial victim was laid on a table, whereupon his genitals were cut off. This was done while he was alive! After removal of the penis, a stick was inserted into the amputated organ. The emotional and physical shock to the child victim because of the use of this tool of perversion is beyond description. She was first made to taste the blood from where the genitals were removed, then made to lie down and suffer molestation and torture with the tool made from the amputated penis...."

The rampant sexual abuse and emotional traumatization of children by the U.S. government, or at its direction, is one of the country’s best kept secrets. Government-directed mind control cults specialize in dissociative conditioning, a regimen of physical and psychological beatings that give birth to a cluster of alter personalities.

MONARCH programming was a government funded mind control experiment included under the larger CIA operation MKULTRA. Operation Monarch involved using severe electro-shock trauma, sexual abuse, and other sadistic methods designed to split the subject’s mind into alternate personalities. The methods were conducted primarily on children because they are easier to break down psychologically, due to their primitive stage of emotional and cognitive development.

Child pornography rings have operated for decades to satiate our Luciferian official’s carnal desires. They are also employed as a means to blackmail potential threats to the power elite.The Emporer’s Club, a Mossad run operation that brought down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is a more recent example of the use of sex to control our leaders, and to purge them when it is deemed necessary.

The Finder’s Cult and Franklingate were cases of CIA affiliated child sex abuse/dissociative conditioning operations run in the United States. Dr. Nahman H. Greenberg, is a prominent child abuse psychiatric consultant who designed a psychological profile to identify the personality characteristics of abused children. He was a expert witness in the McMartin trial, and was later used by the government to discredit his own work, and the claims of young sex abuse victims. The CIA created a front group called The False Memory Syndrome Foundation(FMSF) to debunk, ridicule, and defame victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, pedophilic sexual abuse, and CIA cult mind control activities. The board members of FMSF reads like a Who’s Who of CIA contractors and “consultants”.

The widespread reporting of sexual abuses occurring in child daycares flooded our newspapers and televisions in the 1980’s. The most infamous example was the McMartin Preschool case out of Manhattan Beach, California. Over 350 of the children who attended the McMartin daycare indicated that they had been sexually abused. The accounts included: animal sacrifice, ritualistic sexual abuse, underground tunnels, necrophelia, corprophelia, bestiality, and the photographing and videotaping of the children while being sexually abused.

The following excerpt is a letter concerning the McMartin investigation. It was written by Sergeant Beth Dickerson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and sent to Agent Kenneth Lanning at the FBI Academy’s Behavioral Sciences Unit in Quantico, Virginia, dated February 10, 1985:

In all, the victims named seven teachers (six women and one male) at the preschool as having molested them. Also named are about 30 other individuals still uncharged, as well as numerous unidentified ’strangers.’

Most children state they were photographed in the nude… They mention drinking a red or pink liquid that made them sleepy… Children disclose animal sacrificing (bunnies, ponies, turtles, etc.) and some of this occurred in churches. Victims describe sticks put in their vaginas and rectums and also being ‘pooped’ and ‘peed’ on. Children say that the adults sometimes dressed in black robes, formed a circle around them and chanted.

These children talk of strangers coming to the school and molesting them, being taken off campus and molested, being photographed nude and some talk of animals being abused. The children talk of being hit with sticks and of being ‘peed’ and ‘pooped’ on…

The organization Children’s Institute International conducted a study on the childhood victims from the McMartin school, and two other Manhattan Beach daycares. They determined that “a full eighty percent displayed physical symptoms, including vaginal or rectal scarring, anal bleeding, painful bowel movements, and the ‘anal wick reflex’ associated with violent penetration.”

The McMartin trial was travesty of injustice. Due to procedural matters, and the peculiar deaths (or framed suicides) of ace witnesses, the trial ended with no convictions. The following blocked quotes are from this source.

The older witnesses were not allowed to testify at the McMartin trials, due to statute of limitations issues. Many of the younger witnesses were unable to offer testimony because they were too severely traumatized. Prosecutors had at their disposal “more than a hundred child witnesses as old as eleven and a truckload of medical reports bearing documentation of scarred genitals and anuses.”

District Attorney Ira Reiner inexplicably dropped all charges against five of the seven McMartin defendants on January 17, 1986. Six days before that, he had summarily dismissed two prosecutors on the case. At least three-dozen suspects who had been independently identified by numerous witnesses were never indicted at all.

The deaths surrounding the trial are intriguing. The woman who brought the first charges of her child being abused, a prior Hermosa Beach detective who was investigating the case, and a suspect known as the “Wolfman”, all mysteriously turned up dead.

Judy Johnson, the first McMartin parent to lodge a complaint, never delivered her scheduled testimony. Her body was found sprawled naked on the floor of her home, her death said to be due to complications from her chronic alcoholism (despite having no previous mental or alcohol problems).

Paul Bynum, who had been hired by the parents of victims as a private investigator, turned up dead on the eve of his scheduled testimony. His death by gunshot was ruled a suicide, though those close to Bynum dispute that finding. Among other things, Bynum may have testified about his examination of the tunnel excavation project conducted at the school site (and the findings of animal bones that would have corroborated the children’s claims of animal slaughter).

The suspect known by the children as “Wolfman”, was Robert Winkler. The kids described Winkler as being a frequent visitor to the school, who oftentimes delivered drugs for use in abusive rituals, which were sometimes conducted in churches, a cemetery, or a crematorium. The “Wolfman” turned up dead on the eve of his trial, allegedly of a drug overdose.

Information emerged before the trial verifying the children’s claims that there were tunnels underneath the McMartin Preschool where much of the abuse was alleged to have occurred. Due to a corrupt District Attorney, and a collusive media black out operation, the information was suppressed.

E. Gary Stickel, Ph.D., a highly regarded archaeologist, and a consultant to George Lucas on the Indiana Jones movies, found two underground tunnel complexes, as well as previously unrecognized structural features which defied logical explanation. Both tunnel complexes conformed to locations and functional descriptions established by children’s reports.

Our children our the most vulnerable members of our society. When they are sadistically abused, tortured, and raped, it brings Johnnypeepers great pain. When our elected officials, and their agency henchmen, perpetrate this abuse, it is indicative of a systemic cancer in our government.

I implore you to research our government’s involvement and cover-up of child sex-abuse rings for yourself. The Franklingate files would be an excellent start. On June 29, 1989, The Washington Times broke this story of a homosexual child sex ring being given tours of the Bush 41 White House. I highly recommend the documentary Conspiracy of Silence. Although it was listed in TV guide to air on May 3, 1994, it was censored by our government and did make it to your living room. See for yourself what the fuss was about.

Suffer the Children..Illuminati Blood Rituals & Cannibalism

This information comes from
children's illustrations and verbal explanations of the importance of "blood rituals" to the Illuminati.

"The drinking of blood, either human or animal is consistently part of the ritual abuse survivors disclosures. According to the victims, the Satanists believe that the life force of the sacrificial victim is in the blood. Partaking of the blood is believed to empower and add longevity of life. Child victims have related accounts of how the cult members would always drain and save the blood of their victims in apple juice jars, pans, bottles, and pots. The very young children are sometimes introduced to the taste of blood gradually by mixing it with milk, formula, punch, and other beverages. Eventually, with increases in blood content in these drinks, the child victim will be able to drink the blood without dilution."............

"a young girl describes how during her grooming to be a Priestess in a satanic coven, she was forced to kill the sacrificial victim (a woman) without the aid of the adult members. Three priests in the cult stand, with glasses in hand, waiting for the child to cut the victim. When the blood would begin to flow, it was drained into each of the three glasses. The child was then placed in a suspended cage and made to observe the victim being crucified upside down on a cross and burned. Then the child was forced to drink the blood offered by the priests and was then placed on a table and tortured sexually by all the members as a reward."..............

To the average American citizen, the thought of cannibalism is a foreign concept; something you hear about happening in the deepest, darkest regions of Africa or South America. We just cannot accept the possibility of such an atrocious act in a "civilized nation". In 1989 in Matamoros, Mexico, a cult was discovered operating a drug trafficking business. When the Mexican authorities searched the compound of the cult, human remains were found in boiling pots. In the last few years children all over America are telling authorities about these sorts of practices at "meetings" where the people pray to the devil. When children disclose cannibalism their attitudes and behavior vary from regression, to aggressiveness, to horrified. Then there are those who can speak very plainly and recall the mutilation and devouring of both babies and adults with no emotion at all. In an interview with an eight year-old girl I was told how her dad had been teaching her to skin babies in the garage. When I asked what they did with the babies after they were skinned, this angelic looking child answered almost mockingly, "They ate them?".......

The police detective and his female assistant tried to maintain their composure as the nine year-old victim described the horrors that she had witnessed in the basement torture chamber of her grandmother's house. She described how tables were made with chains attached to hold the victims down on the table; how the victims heads are shaved, and three foot long "sticks" placed in the rectums of the victims on the tables. It was all the South Georgia policeman could do to keep from showing the disgust and anger at the perpetrators who had forced this beautiful, red-haired, freckled child to participate in horrors that tested the experienced child abuse investigator's imagination.....

The children tell how some of the bones are kept, dried and crushed into powder. They are then used to make clay from which ritual paraphernalia is made. Things such as plates, cups, and bone china dolls are sculpted from this bone clay. These items are then sold and traded among other cult members. This also answers some investigators' questions about why evidence of ritual murder is seldom found. The children say virtually all body parts are utilized for some purpose, and what isn't eaten or kept is burned leaving no traces to be found by authorities...........

Survivors of satanic ritual abuse involving human and animal sacrifice always tell of eating the hearts of the sacrificial victims. They tell us the heart is the most powerful part of the body to be eaten and all of the victims life energy is contained within the heart. Sometimes the heart is removed very quickly while the victim is still alive and then devoured immediately by the group......

"False Memory Syndrome"...Illuminati Smokescreen

The rampant sexual abuse and emotional traumatization of children by the U.S. government, or at its direction, is one of the country’s best kept secrets. Government-directed mind control cults specialize in dissociative conditioning, a regimen of physical and psychological beatings that give birth to a cluster of alter personalities.

MONARCH programming was a government funded mind control experiment included under the larger CIA operation MKULTRA. Operation Monarch involved using severe electro-shock trauma, sexual abuse, and other sadistic methods designed to split the subject’s mind into alternate personalities. The methods were conducted primarily on children because they are easier to break down psychologically, due to their primitive stage of emotional and cognitive development.

Child pornography rings have operated for decades to satiate our Luciferian official’s carnal desires. They are also employed as a means to blackmail potential threats to the power elite.The Emporer’s Club, a Mossad run operation that brought down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is a more recent example of the use of sex to control our leaders, and to purge them when it is deemed necessary.

The Finder’s Cult and Franklingate were cases of CIA affiliated child sex abuse/dissociative conditioning operations run in the United States. Dr. Nahman H. Greenberg, is a prominent child abuse psychiatric consultant who designed a psychological profile to identify the personality characteristics of abused children. He was a expert witness in the McMartin trial, and was later used by the government to discredit his own work, and the claims of young sex abuse victims. The CIA created a front group called The False Memory Syndrome Foundation(FMSF) to debunk, ridicule, and defame victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, pedophilic sexual abuse, and CIA cult mind control activities. The board members of FMSF reads like a Who’s Who of CIA contractors and “consultants”.

* Why Cults Terrorize and Kill Children - Lloyd DeMause - The Journal of
Psychohistory 21 (4) 1994 - describes graphic crimes of abuse
* Introduction
* What Cults Do To Children
* The Meaning Of The Cult Abuse Ritual
* War As A Cultic Rebirth Ritual
"Cult abuse is increasing, only that-as with the increase in all child
abuse reports-we have become more open to hearing them.

But it seemed unlikely that the surge of cult memories could all be made up by
patients or implanted by therapists. Therapists are a timid group at
best, and the notion that they suddenly begin implanting false
memories in tens of thousands of their clients for no apparent reason
strained credulity. Certainly no one has presented a shred of evidence
for massive "false memory" implantations."

* The Dark Tunnels of McMartin Preschool- Dr. Roland C. Summit - Journal of
Psychohistory 21 (4) Spring 1994 - The opportunity came in April, 1990
with permission from the new owner of the preschool to search for the
tunnels before he demolished the building and redeveloped the
property. These soiled but solid citizens managed to find what the
district attorney had disclaimed: solid, scientific evidence that
someone had not only dug tunnels under the preschool, but also had
taken the trouble to try to undo them. The results of this definitive
excavation are described in meticulous detail in the 185 page Report
of the Archaeological Excavation of the McMartin Preschool Site by E.
Gary Stickel, Ph.D., the UCLA archaeologist commissioned to do the
study....Dr. Stickel's report (p.95) concludes: There is no other
scenario that fits all of the facts except that the feature was indeed
a tunnel. The date of the construction and use of the tunnel was not
absolutely established, but an assessment of seven factors of data all
indicate that it was probably constructed, used and completely filled
back in after 1966 (the construction date of the preschool). This age
assessment has also been corroborated by the consulting Geologist for
the project, Dr. Don Michael

* Common Programs Observed in Survivors of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse
describes crimes of abuse and programming techniques
David W. Neswald, M.A. M.F.C.C. in collaboration with Catherine Gould,
Ph.D. and Vicki Graham-Costain, Ph.D. The California Therapist, Sept./
Oct. 1991, 47-50
Increasingly, cases of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and Satanic
Ritualistic Abuse (SRA) are being reported in the psychotherapeutic
community. Though controversy concerning authenticity remains, such
cases are slowly gaining in acceptability as a genuine social and
psychopathological phenomenon. Concurrently, the etiological
underpinnings and treatment demands of these special patients are
being unraveled and understood as never before. As a result, it is
becoming increasingly clear that perhaps the most demanding treatment
aspects of such cases concern the problems posed by what is known as
"cult programming."

* Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force - Los Angeles County Commission
for Women
Ritual abuse is a brutal form of abuse of children, adolescents, and
adults, consisting of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, and
involving the use of rituals. Ritual does not necessarily mean
satanic. However, most survivors state that they were ritually abused
as part of satanic worship for the purpose of indoctrinating them into
satanic beliefs and practices. Ritual abuse rarely consists of a
single episode. It usually involves repeated abuse over an extended
period of time....Mind control is the cornerstone of ritual abuse, the
key element in the subjugation and silencing of its victims. Victims
of ritual abuse are subjected to a rigorously applied system of mind
control designed to rob them of their sense of free will and to impose
upon them the will of the cult and its leaders. Most often these
ritually abusive cults are motivated by a satanic belief system [only
on the surface.] The mind control is achieved through an elaborate
system of brainwashing, programming, indoctrination, hypnosis, and the
use of various mind-altering drugs. The purpose of the mind control is
to compel ritual abuse victims to keep the secret of their abuse, to
conform to the beliefs and behaviors of the cult, and to become
functioning members who serve the cult by carrying out the directives
of its leaders without being detected within society at large.

Believing Rachel - JEANNE HILL - The Journal of Psychohistory 24
(2) Fall 1996 describes graphic crimes of abuse
Rachel's story is one of suffering, courage and hope. As a young child
she was the victim of unspeakable crimes, but because she received
therapy and the support of a loving family, she has emerged intact. I
hope that parents of other abused children will be reassured by our
story. When I look at the strong, confident young woman my daughter is
becoming, I know that believing Rachel was the right thing to do.
Believing Rachel made her whole.

Denying Ritual Abuse of Children - Catherine Gould - The Journal of
Psychohistory 22 (3) 1995
The evidence is rapidly accumulating that the problem of ritual abuse
is considerable in scope and extremely grave in its consequences.
Among 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association who
responded to a poll, 2,292 cases of ritual abuse were reported
(Bottoms, Shaver, & Goodman, 1993). In 1992 alone, Childhelp USA
logged 1,741 calls pertaining to ritual abuse, Monarch Resources of
Los Angeles logged approximately 5,000, Real Active Survivors tallied
nearly 3,600, Justus Unlimited of Colorado received almost 7,000, and
Looking Up of Maine handled around 6,000. Even allowing for some of
these calls to have been made by people who assist survivors but are
not themselves survivors, and for some survivors to have called more
that one helpline or made multiple calls to the same helpline, these
numbers suggest that at a minimum there must be tens of thousands of
survivors of ritual abuse in the United States.
Evidence also continues to accumulate that the ritual abuse of
children constitutes a child abuse problem of significant scope. In
1988, Finkelhor, Williams and Burns published the results of a
nationwide study of substantiated reports of sexual abuse in day care
involving 1,639 young child victims. Thirteen percent of these cases
were found to involve ritual abuse. Other studies of ritually abused
children have been relatively small. Kelly (1988; 1989; 1992a; 1992b;
1993) reported on 35 day care victims of ritual abuse, Waterman et al.
(1993) reported on 82 children complaining of ritual abuse in
preschool, Faller (1988; 1990) studied 18 children who had disclosed
ritual abuse in their preschool, and Bybee and Mowbray (1993) from the
Michigan State Department of Mental Health identified 62 children
alleging ritual abuse in their preschool and 53 children who reported
seeing others be ritually abused. Snow and Sorenson (1990) studied 39
children reporting ritual abuse in five neighborhoods in Utah, and
Jonker and Jonker-Bakker (1991) reported on a total group of 98
children, at least 48 of whom were believed to be victims of ritual

The History of Child Abuse Lloyd deMause The Journal of
Psychohistory V. 25, N. 3, Winter 1998 - Indeed, my conclusion from a
lifetime of psychohistorical study of childhood and society is that
the history of humanity is founded upon the abuse of children. Just as
family therapists today find that child abuse often functions to hold
families together as a way of solving their emotional problems, so,
too, the routine assault of children has been society's most effective
way of maintaining its collective emotional homeostasis. Most
historical families once practiced infanticide, erotic beating and
incest. Most states sacrificed and mutilated their children to relieve
the guilt of adults. Even today, we continue to arrange the daily
killing, maiming, molestation and starvation of children through our
social, military and economic activities. I would like to summarize
here some of the evidence I have found as to why child abuse has been
humanity's most powerful and most successful ritual, why it has been
the cause of war and social violence, and why the eradication of child
abuse and neglect is the most important social task we face today.

The Universality of Incest
Lloyd DeMause
Journal of Psychohistory 19 (2) Winter 1991

"In the 1980's adults and children came forward around the world disclosing that they were victims/perpetrators of satanic ritual abuse [SRA] and/or were witness to satanic ritual murders. These claims were routinely dismissed by FBI's Special Agent Ken Lanning and an organization called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation which came into existence in 1992 stating there were no case convictions or scientific evidence to prove that satanic ritual abuse existed. Claims such as this should not go unchallenged because therapists across the country have lost their licenses due to allegations that the memories of SRA victims are too "bizarre" to be believed and are to be attributed solely to "False Memory Syndrome." It is apparent that these beliefs have been instigated by the FMSF because they are a political and legal advocacy group acting on behalf of accused perpetrators." LINK

It has been documented that the FBI has been responsible for not only ruining case investigations in several instances but intimidating witnesses to recant their abuse. [See, Westpoint, Bonacci v. King, Finders case]. In the Finders case it appeared that the FBI had a conflict of interest because this organization was in their counter-intelligence files. LINK